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Senior Girl in Front of Windows
Senior Girl Leaning Against a Wall
Senior Girl Behind a Wire Fence
Senior Guy in Urban Setting with Mountains Behind
Senior in Doorway Downtown Colorado Springs Portrait
Edgy Senior Girl Gate Portraits Downtown Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Handsome Senior Guy on Steps Portrait
Colorado Springs Senior Girl Color Block Wall
Senior Girl Fall Photography Cattails Colorado Springs
Senior Girl in Summer with Rock Formations
Senior Guy with Fall Tree Canopy
Senior Girl with Sunflowers
Senior Photo in Golden Field Colorado Springs
Senior Guy Leaning on Tree Red Rock Canyon Open Space
High School Senior in Tunnel Colorado Springs
Senior Girl Portrait Photography Red Rock Canyon Open Space
Colorado Springs Senior Girl Urban Pet Photo
Garden of the Gods Senior Photography
Senior Guy with Boulders and Fall Leaves
Senior Girl Leaning on Brick Wall Downtown
Senior Girl in Candy Store
Senior Skater Guy in Front of Mural
Senior in Formal Dress Photograph Colorado Springs
Senior Guy with Downtown Colorado Springs Mural
Senior Girl Serious Summer Session Old Colorado City
Teen Portrait Photographer Colorado Springs
Senior Girl in Doorway Photography Old Colorado City
Senior Girl with Parasol
Senior Guy Sitting on a Boulder
Urban Senior Portrait Under Stairs Old Colorado City
Casual Senior Photos Nature Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Urban Senior Guy Photographer
Colorado Springs Senior Guy Color Block Doorway
Senior Girl Picture Bear Creek Nature Colorado Springs
Senior Against Tree Photograph Colorado Springs
Fall Senior Photography in Nature Colorado Springs
Senior Girl Barn Door Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Senior Guy Against a Brick Wall Photograph
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Senior Portraits

Not sure if senior portraits are right for you?

High school senior portraits are a once in a lifetime event. It will most likely be the last time you have professional photos made until your wedding or in a business setting. Even if your high school uses the school photographer photos for your yearbook, having senior portraits made showing your personality are a must. I'm here to answer any questions you might have, whether its pricing, locations, outfits, the process; you name it, I'll answer it! Contact me today to start planning your senior portraits.

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