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About Me

I'm Nichole Lively, a Colorado Springs photographer specializing in high school senior photography.

Seniors are my jam. Seriously. They're at the age where they get my sarcasm and still enjoy being silly and young.

Nichole Lively of Nichole Lively Photography

My family is incredibly important to me. I am married to the most amazing man, Rob, and have two boys, Matt, and Jacob. Rob teaches high school JROTC, so we still live our lives by the school year. After two years and two majors, Matt is working while deciding what he wants for a career, and Jacob is easing into college and work after being diagnosed with leukemia last year.

We are huge college sports fans - mostly football and baseball, but you can find us watching March Madness during Rob's spring break.

We rescued our dog, Nugget, from our local Humane Society, three years ago. We named her Nugget because she's a Lab and Pocket Pit mix, making her a short, little nugget of a dog. She shows us every day how happy she is to be a part of our family. Usually by allowing us no personal space, but it's love, nonetheless.

We added a second pup, Izzie, to our family a year ago. We adopted her from a local lab rescue. We know she's a lab mix, but not what she is mixed with, and that's okay. She and Nugget are fast friends and keep each other - and us - very busy.

I love that my guys - all three of them! - will randomly tell me about a location they think would be awesome to photograph. The boys will even volunteer to model for me - they know it means more Instagram photos for them.

Colorado Springs Winter Family Portraits

Top Ten Tidbits

  • I love coffee but didn’t start drinking it until I was in my 30s. However, coffee ice cream has always been my favorite.
  • I'm part of an awesome non-profit that provides and sets up furniture items and décor necessary to make living spaces a home for those coming out of homelessness. The best part is seeing our clients' faces when they see their finished homes and knowing we have lifted a huge weight from them.
  • I’m a late-night/sleep-in kind of girl, but my schedule requires early nights/early mornings.
  • I am a consummate rule follower, much to the chagrin of those around me.
  • I prefer hot summer days to cold winter nights but enjoy a good snow day curled up on the couch under a blanket, watching a Hallmark movie, now and then. I learned that Hallmark has movies for every season thanks to the Colorado weather.
  • I LOVE watching football, but after 20+ years, the positions and what they do still allude me. This wouldn’t be so bad, except my husband coached, and both of my boys played football. Two of them think it's funny, the other one is not amused at all.
  • I prefer Pepsi over Coke, but I’ll choose Dr. Pepper every time it’s available.
  • I like to make handmade greeting cards to relax. Christmas ones are my favorite.
  • I tend to mishear song lyrics and continue to sing them my way, even after I know the correct words.
  • I have a "small" (which really means huge) obsession with colored pens and can spend hours in the pen aisle of any store.

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