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Casual Senior Photos Nature Colorado Springs

Your Senior photos should reflect your personality.

Who you are is exhibited in everything you do, to include what you wear. Your senior photos should show what you’re all about right now, including your clothing choices. Yes, you’ll want to have a dressy outfit, too, but if you are most comfortable in casual clothes, then we’ll make sure we photograph you in casual attire.

My number one suggestion is dress for the weather! Don’t choose your favorite shorts and tank top if we’re shooting in December. Once we’ve established when we’re photographing you so you’ll know which season to dress for, I have three main outfits I want you to bring to your session.

A more classic outfit to make your Momma or Dad proud. Dress slacks, khakis, dress, sweater, blouse. Solid colors are best, with an accent of contrasting color or a pattern. You can accent with a scarf, belt, hat, jacket, even glasses. You can have a timeless ensemble without being boring!

An ensemble all about you! This should be a favorite outfit that shows off your style and makes you feel your best.

Do you play a sport? An instrument? Have a favorite hobby? Bring something that expresses your passion. Some examples of this are:

  • Letterman jacket
  • Sports equipment
  • Music Instrument
  • Artwork/supplies
  • Cooking utensils
  • Skateboard
  • Car

We’ll discuss your outfits at your consultation, but you know you best, so use your imagination to show who YOU are!

Location: Fox Run Regional Park, Colorado Springs, CO.

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