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What is a Senior Representative in Photography?

Chances are you’ve heard the term “senior representative” or “senior rep” for short, at some point.

What does that mean, though?

The literal definition of a senior representative is a high school senior who acts as a spokesperson for a photographer, typically for the year.

These senior rep programs go by many different names, though. Just a few of them are Senior Rep, Model Team, Street Team, Senior Ambassador, Mod Squad, and VIP Team (this is mine). Like the name they go by, senior rep programs are like snowflakes; no two photographers’ programs are alike. Sure, the general premise is the same – a high school junior (usually in the spring of their junior year) or senior representing a senior photographer, but how the program runs is up to each individual photographer.

The NLP VIP Team is all about YOU! At Nichole Lively Photography my goal is to make sure each senior has the best portrait session experience possible. My VIP Team gets that and more! The VIP Team is open to both girls and guys, and members get their awesome session and extra perks. Some of these perks are exclusive gatherings, styled mini sessions throughout the year, and community service opportunities.

Interested? Need more info? Grab your bestie or bro and sign up for the details!

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