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Choosing a Senior Photographer

How do I select a photographer for my senior portraits?

Today’s senior pictures are so much more than the formal look of a shoulder drape or shirt and tie of yesteryear. Now senior portraits show your personality, so pick a photographer that best fits you.

There are several factors you should keep in mind when hiring your senior photographer. In addition to price, you should consider reviews, their style, experience, products offered, and availability.

Photography style is as unique to a photographer as personality. Some photographers like a bright, “light and airy” look. Others like a dark, moody look, a dreamy look, or a natural look. Check out perspective photographers’ websites to see if their style matches what you want for your senior portraits.

There are many genres of photography, and photographers typically specialize in one or two types. Choose a photographer that has experience photographing people; a senior photographer is an even better choice.

Prior to selecting a senior photographer, think about what you and your family want in the end. Do you want an album? A magazine? A large print to hang in your parent’s home and smaller prints to gift to family and friends? Do you want digital images to share on social media? Once you decide what products you want, make sure to choose a photographer that offers those products.

Chances are you have older friends who have already had their senior pictures taken. Ask them if they liked their photographer and if they’d recommend them. Take a look at the Reviews/Testimonials page of the photographer’s website to see what other people had to say about their experience.

You need to know when your senior portrait is to due to your yearbook, and make sure the photographer you want can meet that deadline. Most Colorado Springs schools’ deadlines are about the same time each year, usually between the end of September to the end of November. Senior year is a busy time for all involved, so you should have your senior pictures made late summer or beginning of your senior year to ensure you have plenty of time.

Choose a photographer that you can connect with and has a style you like and will show the best version of you in your portraits.

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